Paper bag making machine price

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Paper bag making machine

SBR-180 Paper bag making machine We adopt the advanced technology from domestic and abroad, it develop the lastest one-time forming square bottom paper bag machine .SBR-180 Paper bag machine has advantaes of fast-speed. High production efficiency and big adjusting range.

The whole process is finished by PLC man-machine interface, automatic feeding, photoelectric correction, tension control.
SBR-180 Paper bag making machine is the ideal equipment for producing food paper bags, cosmetic bags and all kinds of non-staple food paper bags in domestic and abroad.

Paper bag making machine

1. SBR-180 Paper bag making machine Adopt servo motor and the color code tracker, to precise tracking the printed material.
2. Motion controller, with the integreation of the fiber, to realize the gigh speed and high precision motion control, process test.
3. Adopt touch screen interface, operating functions are cleared at a glance, it with good man-machine interface.
4. Using the cold spray adhesive system, the glue can automatic adjust according to the machine’s running speed.
5. SBR-180 Paper bag making machine is equipped with a paper jam detector, it will automatically alarm when block, to protect the machine when paper jamed.